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Do you have your own design in your mind?

Every rug that we manufacture is a unique creation. Making our rugs entirely by hand means that we are able to craft ultra-custom rugs without any limits.

Crafting the rugs with highest quality yarns, using 10,000 colours (ARS, SRI & Pantone shades), combination of textures, variety of pile heights and carving options, result in an endless number of possibilities.

Send us a sketch, fabric swatch or picture, our design team will draft a scale drawing for your approval. Collaborate with our design professionals to create a unique look.

We respect our clients and their privacy that’s why I’m not able
to share most of our recent works, and believe me once we’ll in
business then this will applied for your design and privacy as well.

Quality yarn

The brand aims to creates proprietary yarn shades, unique blends and distinctive finishes by hand making these rugs in finest New Zealand wool, Silk, Hemp and art silk.

Variety of Texture

Combination of textures, mixing of colors , variety of pile heights and carving options, result in an endless number of possibilities.

Huge color Options

Crafting the rugs with highest quality yarn, using 10,000 colours (ARS, SRI & Pantone shades). Send us an image and we can color match it for you.

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Rug Buyer's Guide

There’s no denying the power of a great rug. The ideal combination of color, texture and pattern can really pull a room together and make it sing. But one element is often overlooked: size. If a rug is what anchors a room and unifies the space, then the wrong size rug can make a space feel awkward, disproportion and unfinished. So whether the look you’re going for is comfortably snug or lively and spacious, follow our tips below for selecting the right size rug for your room

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Sustainability at Décor India

Sustainable carpet is an environmentally- friendly solution for both residential and commercial flooring .
To check out basics of shopping for eco – friendly carpet ,

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Sustainable carpet is an environmentally-friendly solution for both residential and commercial flooring. Here are the basics of shopping for eco-friendly carpet.
What Makes Carpet “Green”?
Sustainable carpet is defined by both the manufacturing processes and materials used in production. In general, sustainable carpet is made with natural, renewable resources with a production process that minimizes environmental impact.
Ideally, carpeting should be made from natural fibers that have undergone minimal chemical treatment. Some carpets also have backing made from natural fibers and is attached using only non-toxic adhesive. Often, carpet pads are made from petroleum, which is a nonrenewable resource that consumes excessive energy. Instead, choose a carpet that doesn’t require padding, or opt for padding made from recycled cotton or other recycled materials.
The installation method is also an important factor in carpet sustainability, since many glues used to install carpeting are toxic. Instead, carpet can be tacked down or glued with a water-based adhesive that has low VOCs.
Types of Sustainable Carpet
Wool carpet and recycled carpet are two popular options for those interested in “going green.”
Wool carpeting has been used for hundreds of years and is sturdier than traditional nylon carpet, standing up to frequent use without crushing and matting. This completely natural and renewable product reduces static electricity, is flame resistant, and is easy to clean and maintain.
Recycled carpeting contains post-industrial content from a variety of industries. In addition, more recycled carpeting options are currently being developed through the advance of processing technology.
What Are the Benefits?
In addition to preserving environmental resources and limiting exposure to chemicals, eco-friendly carpet has other consumer benefits. Sustainable carpets:
– are easy to clean and maintain
– provide improved acoustics in classroom settings
– are safe for seniors who may be at risk of falls
– can be easily replaced
– are durable
– are often less expensive than non-sustainable carpeting options

In House Production

Matching Dyed Yarns with Color POMS

We use Color Tufts and Benjamin Moore to match the color perfectly, We also manufacture our own Color Tufts box and send it to our clients for convenience. We have different sections as per the type of yarns, and varieties. We also use ARS color tuft as it id used globally.

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