In House Production

Matching Dyed Yarns with Color POMS

We use Color Tufts and Benjamin Moore to match the color perfectly, We also manufacture our own Color Tufts box and send it to our clients for convenience. We have different sections as per the type of yarns, and varieties. We also use ARS color tuft as it id used globally.


Yarn Dyeing

We keep all the modern dyeing equipment for the dyeing of different types of yarns such as Silk, Viscose, Cotton, Polyester, Jute and Woolen etc.


Hand Knotted Weaving

It can be assured that our each hand knotted rug is completely unique. The amount of time, effort, care and fine craftsmanship which goes into each piece of traditional hand knotted rug gives it a distinct, remarkable aesthetic. Hand knotted rugs can instantly transform the overall look a space and can either serve as a complementing interior décor or an eye catching focal point for your home.


Hand Tufted Weaving

Hand tufted wool rugs are by far the most popular and most produced of all the other types of rugs. We use high quality wool – New Zealand wool and Indian wool as well. Before tufting, a desired pattern is drawn on a primary backing material using stencil. The backing material, usually a large cotton cloth or canvas is tightly stretched and pined to a metal frame. The weaver inserts tufts of wool into the backing material using a weaving tool called a ‘tufting gun’. The primary backing material is covered with latex material and a second backing material is attached, then the surface loop pile is sheared to create a flat surface.


Jute Weaving

Jute rugs are made of durable, natural grasses and other fibers. The rugs can be woven with other materials, making them colorful and soft underfoot. Jute rugs are very strong and renewable. Great for living rooms and high-traffic areas.

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The process of weaving is the interlacing of two sets of yarn — the warp and the weft. The equipment that facilitates this interlacement is the loom. A “handloom” is a loom that is used to weave fabrics without the use of electricity. The manipulation of the foot pedals to lift the warp has to be in sync with the throwing of the shuttle which carries the weft yarn. A perfect weave demands coordination between mind and body.



After washing, the rugs are put in open area to dry, the sun light & wind are the main source of it. This process requires proper care and deep knowledge of it. Silk rugs are very delicate as compared to wool and they require light weather.

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